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Are you still drinking convenient store coffee?

Enough of paying expensive bill for roasted coffee?

Want to roast your own coffee but can't find a small home roasting machine?


You know that 60% of the coffee flavor comes from green beans and 30% comes from roasting,
And you can only control the remaining 10%? Or less?


With electric heating, you can roast coffee at home while maintaining professional flavor. You may also make use of Sandbox Smart's built-in mobile applications to manually control different roasting parameters (e.g. airflow, burner) to specialise your roast profiles!

Built-in profiles had been tested for many time to meet your fond. It is recommended to roast with 100g of green bean and you can choose with either light/medium or dark roast.

Advanced user are free to play in the manual mode, which, they can easily adjust the key parameters of roasting beans: firepower/fan and drum RPM, or even the setting for 1st crack or 2nd crack.


With Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster, you can specialise your flavor of coffee beans!

Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster

HK$5,680.00 Regular Price
HK$5,580.00Sale Price
  • 220V, Hong Kong Standard

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