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In the current new SCA Diplomas, all 4 set of diplomas required studying at least 4 modules within CSP (Coffee Skills Program). If you are unsure where to start with in your SCA study journey, probably this SCA Foundation Bundle is your best choice.


Join our SCA Foundation bundle to enjoy discount price for all 5 CSP Modules, this can help you locate your interests and specialties so that you will know which diploma you should obtain to fit your needs. Please contact us for more tailor-made advice if you are unsure of how to start your coffee study journey.


Payment by FPS / Bank Transfer is entitled HK$200 discount for this SCA Foundation Bundle course. Payment information will be detailed in confirmation email.


*SCA Administrative fee included
**SCA Course Enrolment fee NOT included (a total of US$250 to be paid to SCA by student directly, this bundle includes 5 individual courses costing US$50 each, price is subject to change by SCA. Details will be explained by our tutors during lecture)

SCA Foundation Bundle (All CSP Modules)

HK$11,000.00 Regular Price
HK$10,400.00Sale Price