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Are you confused about the new 4 set of SCA Diploma?

Are you unsure of how to kick start your SCA coffee journey?

Do you wish to know more about SCA coffee system but struggle to apply for SCA Introduction to Coffee?


Come to our SCA Orientation Night to understand the brand new study journey of SCA Coffee Education, including the new Diploma System, new Coffee Sustainability Program and new Coffee Technician Program. This helps you plan forward how to start your coffee business, obtain your coffee diploma, nurture your interest in SCA professional coffee knowledge.


The orientation night will include:

  • SCA Coffee Education introduction
  • Brand New SCA Diploma System
  • Brand New SCA Coffee Sustainability Program (CSusP)
  • Brand New SCA Coffee Technician Program (CTechP)
  • Study Guide in planning your study in SCA Education

SCA Orientation Night (Non-certificate)