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Feeling loss of direction in tasting coffee? Feeling tons of flavors on your palate but no ways to describe? Here we come to help you describe and figure out the rich aroma and flavor of coffee!

Come and join our sensory tour to unveal the mystery of coffee flavor in a better and more systematic way! Learning to taste coffee is fun and relaxed. It will always go out of your surprise and imagination!

We make use of different liquids, food, fruits, spices and aroma bottle to aid your learning and strengthen your memory!


After the workshop, you will be able to:-

1) Correctly describe tastes

2) Strengthen perception of coffee by olfaction

3) Correctly make use of Cupping to evaluate coffee


Please contact us for further arrangement if your schedule does not fit.

Sensory Tour 咖啡鑑賞工作坊

  • Cantonese

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