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Latest Discounts

  • Refer our SCA Courses to your friends to gain Course Credits (CC)! CC can only be used on SCA Courses and could be used for applying next SCA course. Course Credits will be expired in one (1) year. Please take reference of the following to earn your CC:

    • SCA Foundation Level: $100 Course Credits

    • SCA Intermediate Level: $300 Course Credits

    • SCA Foundation + Intermediate Package: $400 Course Credits

    • SCA Foundation Bundle: $200 Course Credits

  • Study together! Contact us with 2 persons or above to enjoy group discount of at least $400/person for all modules of SCA (Foundation + Intermediate) Package. To enjoy group discounts, please contact us for more information. 

  • Each Discount can only be used on one single course/package/bundle and multiple discounts cannot be used at the same time. To enjoy group discounts or make use of Course Credits, payment must be settled by FPS/Bank Transfer.

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