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In this class, attendees will demystify the fermentation of coffee through an approachable and science-based class that illustrates the potential to be used as a tool by producers. The class includes a thorough introduction to fermentation, looking at the microorganisms that carry out fermentation, explaining the fermentation process in detail, and covering how fermentation may be used to generate flavors in post-harvest processing.


Students will understand the fundamentals and science of fermentation, fermentation in traditional processing methods, and how microorganisms may be used as tools to control it and craft flavors.


Content at a glance:

Unit 1. Overview of Fermentation
     1. Fermentation defined
     2. Cast of Characters (Microorganisms)
     3. The Fermentation Process
     4. Fermentation in Other Foods & Beverages


Unit 2: Fermentation in Coffee
     5. Fermentations in traditional coffee processing
     6. Controlling and Monitoring Fermentation
     7. Inoculation
     8. Using Fermentation to Create a Portfolio of Flavor Profiles


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CQI Coffee Fermentation: From Microbes to Flavors (200)

  • 日間時間:10:00-17:00


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