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The Linea PB, designed by and named in recognition of Piero Bambi, introduces a new level of performance, reliability, and craftsmanship. The machine features the iconic La Marzocco polished stainless steel body, updated with simplified lines and a lower profile, equipped with exclusive, user friendly interface software that gives the barista direct functional control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap dose, auto-back flush as well as other options. The group cap features and integrated flow-meter to ensure that water never leaves the saturated area of the coffee boiler, reducing temperature instability during brewing. The Linea PB is the first La Marzocco machine equipped with the new generation of proprietary electronics and iconic three-button interface.

The Linea PB’s lower profile and increased work area also make it practical, without abandoning world renown Italian design.

La Marzocco Linea PB

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