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The Mazzer Major V boasts low retention, flexibility to adapt to all situations, and performs well at any time of the day—from the morning rush to regular service. It’s the grinder to have when a coffee shop wants to make the leap to the next level. Major V helps baristas complete their daily work with a user-friendly interface, new electronic features, and IoT optional technology.


High productivity, flat burrs, cutting edge technology

New sharper and compact design, precision machined components, metal accessories, and high-tech electronics.

  • Adjustable portafilter holder. Grind hands-free and consistently center the flow of grinds in your basket
  • On-demand grinding can be easily activated with the portafilter
  • User friendly memory track system to index grind setting
  • Tag holder with magnet to place on the hopper the name of the coffee you are serving
  • More precise, wider grinding adjustment range

Mazzer Major V

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