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The Barista Skills Foundation course allows learners to gain an introductory understanding of the coffee itself as well as foundational skills required to set a grinder, make espressos, foam and texture milk and latte art techniques as per SCA quality standards, while implementing health and safety practices and customer service. Practical learning objectives and activities prepare the learner to conduct key foundational tasks of a barista. A written exam tests theoretical knowledge based on Foundation course learning objectives.


Coffee Skills Program Point System: 5 Points


*SCA Administrative fee included
**SCA Course Enrolment fee NOT included (US$50 to be paid to SCA by student directly, price is subject to change by SCA. Details will be explained by our tutors during lecture)


SCA 咖啡師技能(基礎)

價格自 HK$2,200.00
  • 課程時長:一天

    日間課程: 10:00 - 17:00 (一天)

    夜晚課程: 19:00 - 22:00(兩晚)

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