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Flexible Schedule, please contact us for course arrangement.

Course can be conducted in English and/or Chinese, depending on class structure.

Fully Online Course, students interested in Sustainability all over the world is welcome.



The Professional level course offers an intensive, practical experience in which learners design, carry out, and assess their own sustainability project in accordance with their individual, organizational, or business goals and capabilities. During the course, learners will identify measures of accountability, success, and progress on a sustainability issue of the learners’ choice; engage extensively with debates, policies, and practices of sustainability across multiple points of the value chain; lead others in discussion and practice of these issues; serve as an advocate for intelligent sustainability programming across the coffee industry by making educated choices about trade-offs, sustainability costs, and concepts; and finally develop, carry out, and assess a sustainability effort that (a) fits within the student’s individual, business, or organization capabilities, (b) can be measured and traceable, (c) and contains structures of accountability.


This course is ideal for coffee professionals looking to work through the process of designing, developing, and implementing sustainability projects. The Professional Course is designed to be taught over a period of several months, with in-class sessions (online or in-person) to support learners as they design and carry out their projects.


During the Professional course, students will learn:

1. Intermediate Review

  • Review and Reflections

2. Advanced Project Design and Learning Methodologies

  • Research and Project Design
  • Evaluation and Assessment

3. Mentorship and Individual Project Design

  • Mentorship
  • Initial Project Design
  • Feedback and Redesign

4. Practicum and Final Report

  • Practicum Project Implementation and Evaluation
  • Final Report Becoming A Professional


In order to obtain the Intermediate certificate, students must demonstrate competency in the following area:

  • Project Proposal
  • Project Execution
  • Project Evaluation and Final Report

Students must score at least 70% in every aspect of work as detailed above to obtain a pass in the course (not average of all parts). The Course Evaluation of students' work of every part will be provided by AST upon the commencement of the course.

*SCA Administrative fee included

**SCA Course Enrolment fee NOT included (US$50 to be paid to SCA by student directly, price is subject to change by SCA. Details will be explained by our tutors during lecture)



SCA 咖啡永續發展 (專業)

  • 彈性上課時間


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