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Coffee Quality Institute (CQI)

The mission of CQI is to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of those who produce it.
CQI's vision is an education system that will pave the path to self-sufficient, thriving, sustainable coffee communities by supporting a common language of coffee and the best scientific practices throughout the value chain to improve quality.


CQI currently offers two programs of study - Quality Evaluation and Post-Harvest Processing.


Coffvengers Coffee Academy CQI Quality Evaluation

Quality Evaluation
Coffee quality evaluation education is a benefit at every point in the value chain. As we begin to speak the same language, fine and specialty coffee becomes recognized and producers are ultimately rewarded for their higher quality through better access to markets.

CQI Q Graders are globally recognized and work across all aspects of the value chain.
This professional certification confers the skills and basic knowledge to perform coffee evaluations from farm to import to consumer-facing products. The Q Grader course, is offered for both arabica and robusta evaluation.

CQI also has a variety of preparatory classes and courses for those who are headed for Q Grader or who are simply interested in learning about coffee quality.

Coffvengers Coffee Academy Post-harvest processing

Post-Harvest Processing
The Post-Harvest Processing (PHP) program aims to improve coffee quality through the transformation of the coffee fruit to a dry seed ready for roasting. Everyone in coffee benefits from understanding the basics of PHP.

Post-Harvest Processing has the potential to not only preserve quality and food safety, but to create flavors and add significant value.

At its most fundamental, PHP best practices can make the difference between poor, commercial, and specialty coffee. At its most advanced, coffee processing techniques can be used to target and create specific flavors and enhance coffee quality with a differentiated portfolio of products. Through our processing education, CQI provides a scientific and practical approach that focuses on understanding critical theory, reducing risk, and creating standard procedures that are trusted throughout the industry. Through PHP education, CQI strives to create recognized skills and professional opportunities for coffee processors.

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